Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Lockergnome labelling

Here's a confession: a huge percent of the tech news I post in The Brain comes from the Lockergnome Tech News Watch. Unlike other blogs, though, that merely link to where they find the news, I've decided from the start that people in general would appreciate being referred to the direct source of the news, which is why I seldom link to where I actually got the news. But I now feel that I'm not being fair to Lockergnome, which I believe is best place to look for anything both techie and new.

So from now on, everytime a post from The Brain came from a Lockergnome link, you'll see the famous Lockergnome logo,


at the bottom of the entry, which will link to the Tech News Watch entry. This is as a sign of respect and gratitude to the person who, through his outstanding email newsletters, has very well been the catalyst of my current passion for technology. Keep up the good work, Chris!