Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Internet Archive

Hmmm...seems like it's gonna be another uneventful day (The Microsoft Media Center Extender for the Xbox is out, but I'm still waiting for Paul Thurrot's review), so I'll just give you another random website that might prove useful, especially for online sleuths out there:

The Internet Archive is a massive collection of web sites as well as audio, video, and text files, all available for free. It has a feature called "The Wayback Machine" that allows people to visit archived versions of Web sites from as far back as 1996. This could be useful if you want to investigate about a certain web site's history (which could give you a glimpse of, among other things, a company's history). As an example, for this post, I used the WaybackMachine to figure out that AVG Free Edition has been in version 6.0 for more than six years before Grisoft finally updated it.

You could also use it for much more random things, like seeing what your favorite website looked like when it was first created (e.g. circa 2000; today's Google is deceptively similar).

Note: If The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is down, you could always go to this mirror site.