Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Epson: Ultra-thin Circuit Boards from Inkjet Technology

Relatively Useless, Weird, Yet Cool Tech News of the Day: The Epson Company, you know, one of the leading brands in printers and scanners, have succeeded in fabricating very, VERY thin multi-layer circuit boards using...drum-roll! Well, two very special kinds of ink, as a matter of fact. Here's an excerpt:

Epson recently succeeded in producing a 20-layer circuit board sample by using an inkjet system to alternately "draw" patterns and form layers on the board using two types of ink: a conductive ink containing a dispersion of silver micro-particles measuring from several nanometers to several tens of nanometers in diameter, and a newly developed insulator ink.

This technology could pave way to much thinner electronic devices. Daydream away.