Tuesday, October 12, 2004

MyBlogEntry 2.1

Welcome to The Brain.

This would be my second weblog. And this is my-blog-entry 2.1. I've decided long ago that my LiveJournal was a complete embarrassment, and that I have to move on to something better. This time, I'm going to make The Brain as useful as possible. This won't be much of an online journal anymore, like the last one. The new and improved Brain will focus on *cool* stuff I find on the web (tech news, downloads, really bad computer advice, etc.) and my personal opinion about a whole gamut of things (but mostly about tech, science, and religion/philosophy)...well, maybe the latter isn't that useful, but who knows? With enough opinionated blabbering, I might actually improve my dismal debating skills. (Note: if you search my name on Google, that last link'll probably be on top of the results. I've decided that instead of hoping desperately that no one'll search my name on Google, I'll just admit that, yes, I humiliated myself a few years ago in an e-mail debate with an atheist named Nathan Estle...I didn't know what I was thinking at the time.)

Now, on to some serious blogging.