Wednesday, October 27, 2004

iPod: Now in Technicolor!

At last, an iPod with a high-resolution color screen. The monochrome LCD was starting to get really boring. And as Apple says: "Why should your ears get all the fun?"

iPod Photo

The new iPod not just lets you listen to hours and hours worth of music, it can now also show thousands of photos. And according to the screenshots I saw (just click the above link), the picture quality is quite nice (Apple claims the iPod Photo can show 65,536 colors). It also features the Click Wheel from iPod Mini, as well as built-in backlighting.

Now just add the built-in and newly colored extra apps to the list, toss in a few iPod hacks, and you've got yourself a simple PDA with color-screen and 40 Gb of disk storage, all for just $499!

Er, I might have been a teensy bit too enthusiastic over there...

The only weird thing is that you upload your photos from iPod to the PC, not through the more obvious iPhoto, but rather by using iTunes, which obviously wasn't made for photos at all. But I suppose it's okay, considering that the iPod is still primarily a music player.

On a related note, Apple also launched an iPod U2 Special Edition, complete with a cool black and red case, and the autographs of each member of U2 (a recent Apple supporter) on the back.

Um, I might have missed a tiny detail. Did I mention that I neither own an iPod, nor am I an Apple fan? Thank God for Lockergnome and Google (well, do I really need to hyperlink Google?).