Friday, October 15, 2004

Google Desktop Search Download

Google Desktop Search Download

I am a big fan of Microsoft, especially their Office applications and hardware devices. But these days, I'm starting to feel that they should have left the e-mail and search engine industries alone. I do admire their never-say-quit spirit (well, it isn't exactly hard to be optimistic when you have billions of dollars in your pocket, is it?), but when a company like Google stands in your way of total Web domination, you better try your darndest best or better start packing.

A few months ago, Microsoft promised to finally beat Google in the search engine battle with the help of a new version of MSN Search (to be launched next year) that could actually search your hard drive as well as the web. The good thing about this is that the new "desktop search" technology would supposedly be way faster than the current Search feature of Windows (which, as you might know, is very, very slow).

It seems that Google has outdone Microsoft once again by recently launching their own version of "desktop searching" (well, it's still in beta, but it's out already), months before Microsoft's planned MSN Search upgrade.

Well then, Bill. Got any Plan B's?