Monday, October 18, 2004

GLAT: Want a Noogler Hat?

We're a little obsessive about digging into hard computing problems, and we love finding more people like us. One way we find obsessive smart problem-solvers is by using a standardized test. Now standardized tests can suck, especially since you usually take them to become a broke student for years on end. Which can lead to starting a career that, if you're lucky, might eventually lead to a really cool job.

But what if there were a standardized test that led, like, immediately to the really cool job? What if, for instance, there was a Google Labs Aptitude Test?

The GLAT exam is freely available as GIF files that you'll have to print. Hopefully, I'll get to answer at least one of the nerdy questions soon -- I've already got answers to a few of the funny ones, in fact. Maybe after a few years, a Noogler hat might finally find its way on top of my head, propeller and all, those cute things...