Thursday, October 14, 2004

Adobe proposes "raw" image standard

From The Register (c/o Lockergnome Tech News Watch):

Adobe is to promote a 'standard' alternative to digital cameras' numerous 'raw' photo formats.

Dubbed Digital NeGative (DNG) format, Adobe's proposal would not supersede the JPEG format used by almost all digicams these days, but the native formats such cameras offer users who want maximum, image fidelity.

These raw formats hold the image as taken, without the loss of data even mildest JPEG conversion involves, or adjustments made by the camera's video processing electronics. The catch is that without compression, raw images are very large, limiting the number of them the camera can hold. Worse, different camera vendors use different, proprietary raw formats.

Adobe has also published the DNG spec. to allow camera makers to incorporate it into future products

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Adobe even made a free plugin for Photoshop users to convert their raw format images to DNG. Download it here (you'll have to register first, though).